The Big Photo Show

and The Best of the Best Show



Winners of The Big Photo Show 2017




The Coastal Photographers Guild's signature exhibit, "The Big Photo Show" showcases the work of the Coastal Photographers Guild members reflecting each member's unique vision of photography.  It represents the Guild's mission in its simplest form: To learn and to have fun.  

The show was held at Glynn Visual Arts.  Professional judges awarded prizes in four categories: "Nature", "People", Landscape", and "Open".  In addition, reception attendees voted on the "Peoples' Choice" award.  "The Big Photo Show" is the largest photography display in our region since 2009.

The Guild's companion show, "The Best of the Best" features past winners of the four categories.



Here is a list of our CPG 2017 Winning Photographers

(their winning photos coming soon)

 Open Category

First Place: Gay Barron, "Loose Screw"

Second Place: Michael Hanneld, "Chrysler Building"

Third Place: Jillisa Milner, "Like a Voice You Remember"

Honorable Mention: Steve Kendall, "Sidney's Mystic Glow"

Honorable Mention: Nancy Kirkpatrick, "Whirling Tulip"


Nature Category

First Place: Charles Opper, "Seasons Gone"

Second Place: Jim Squires, "Schooling Jacks"

Third Place: Duke Smith, "Variety"

Honorable Mention: Elma Andrews, "New Neighbors"

Honorable Mention: Ladye Heisel, "New Growth"


Landscape Category

First Place: Charles Opper, "Clash of the Ancients"

Second Place: Lynn Cates, "Golden Dawn"

Third Place: Duke Smith, "Small Herd, Big Country"

Honorable Mention: Lynn Cates, "Starry Night"

Honorable Mention: Michael Milner, "Big Boys Toys"


People Category

First Place: Dan Hall, "Trombone Player"

Second Place: Jim Squires, "Beautiful"

Third Place: Robert Kelterborn, "Renaissance Man"


People's Choice

First Place: Gay Barron, "Loose Screw"

Second Place: Nance Manderson, "Sky Diver"

Third Place: Lynn Cates, "Supermoon at SSI Light"



A Few Photos from the Reception