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We have a variety of activities to help us improve our craft and enjoy the company of folks who love photography.


Member Benefits

- a place to learn
- a place to share
- opportunities to display
- opportunities to sell

Low Cost to join:

Individual:  $30/year
Family:  $45 /year
Youth: $15/year

Member Testimonials:

What I've gained...

I stumbled into a CPG meeting in 2010 not knowing the difference between a leading line and an aperture setting. Through the guild’s patience, casual and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with  engaging and informative presentations, I am now a certified photography junkie. Now, for that next new lens…

                              -  Duke Smith, joined 2010


It's been a life-saver!

 When I moved to Brunswick from upstate New York in June of 2014, I felt a bit bereft. I’d left behind a career, friends and life in a part of the country I loved for 45 years.  Then I discovered the Coastal Photographers Guild. Here I found new friends, a group of highly skilled and helpful photographers, raised my own photography to new levels, and have hugely enjoyed doing it.

                                        - Dan Hall, joined 2014

I've learned So much!.

“It never fails that in every meeting I learn at least one new thing that either takes my shooting or my post-processing to a higher level.  I know that if I miss a meeting, I've lost something.”

- Bill Lindsley, joined 2015

Member Photos from The Big Photo Show (July 2016)


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Photography is a
love affair with life.
— Burk Uzzle

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."  (Dean Wormer, Animal House)       Make a change in your life - join the Guild!!!