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Coastal Photographer's Guild Mission

The Coastal Photographer's Guild's official mission is to be an effective, vibrant advocate for all photographers of any skill level in our community and to provide an opportunity for area members to cultivate photographic expertise in a supportive, enjoyable atmosphere. Membership includes beginners, serious amateurs and working professionals; providing great opportunities for networking, questions, and informal education. Simply put, our objective is to learn and to have fun!

Regular meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 7 PM until around 9 PM. The location is the Glynn County Police Dept Meeting Room (1965 Demere Rd., St Simons Island, GA).

Upcoming Happenings   

Regular Meeting: Thursday, NOVEMBER 19th   7PM           bulletin link                                                                                                                                                              Glynn County Police Dept Meeting Room (1965 Demere Rd., St Simons Island, GA).         

Main presentation:  

► Presentation by Duke Smith:

 “Extended Exposures using Neutral Density Filters” Duke will focus on the use of neutral density filters, with special emphasis on six and ten stop filters to capture really   long exposures at mid-day. In addition to a slide show presentation, equipment will be used to walk attendees step- by-step through the set-up process.                        

Tech Talk:  “Videos With Your DSLR - Why and Why Not”  

                            presented by the team of Cates & Andrews

   Guests are welcome


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