CoastFest Brunswick

At the regional headquarters campus of the GA DNR in Brunswick, GA, the first Saturday in October is known as “CoastFest Saturday”.  Since 1995, the annual event has been hosted by the Georgia Coastal Management Program to celebrate the state’s coastal natural resources.  More than 80 environmental, educational research and resource exhibitors from around the southeast join with science-based entertainers in an atmosphere of fun.  As part of that fun, their is a nature walk in which our photographs are mounted.  Over 10,000 visitors make it through the event every year.  We will not be participating in CoastFest 2018.  The DNR is continuing to restore the Nature Trail thru the Fall and it will not be ready for the CoastFest crowds.  We will be back on tap for CoastFest 2019.This is our second year to participate in the event.


Enjoy some images from last year's event: