These are some of Jillisa’s favorite images:


I’m a writer, editor, photographer, and smiling, coffee-swilling, wandering soul who's currently landed on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. I love playing with intentional camera movement, in-camera multiple exposures, and other techniques to evoke mood and emotion.

I believe that photography can be an act of meditation: it requires us to pay attention to the present moment and see the achingly beautiful, interesting, wild, ugly, and amazing world around us. I specialize in travel and nature photography, and I especially love to capture the barrier islands of the east coast of the United States: from Chincoteague to Hatteras to Saint Simons Island, they all serve as a reminder of the pervasive and exquisite nature of change.

The next frame will be different. Pay attention now.

Learn more about how I got into photography here.