The homework assignment for the meeting on September 21st:


Let's think Composition!

Images must be sent in by noon, Sept 19th

Submit two photos which exemplify the use of leading lines and shapes (circles or curves, triangles or rectangles).  Remember what John Reed said, "often these shapes are the unconscious product of the photographer's vision that you can later identify when looking at the photograph.  Don’t over think!!







Jack Dykinga photo

Jack Dykinga photo



Submission requirements: Only digital files of photographs will be accepted and reviewed.  Please prepare two files (resize to 1024 pixels on the longest side) and rename them as "First Name_ Last Name_Composition1" and "First Name_Last Name_Composition2").

Files will be projected at the meeting for critique and review.  They may also be displayed on the CPG website unless the photographer notes otherwise.

Send homework images to

Deadline for Assignment Submissions: Noon, September 19th, 2017