Homework Assignment for June 20

Due at 6:00pm on June 18

Before and After!

This month, the subject matter is wide open. We just want to see your editing skills in action. Whether you use Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop like Bob Kelterborn shared in his presentation, or Lightroom, or another editing app, show us how you transform the images that are captured in your camera to the images captured by your mind’s eye. Whether you simply make gentle adjustments to exposure and vibrance, or you add Elvis to your landscape scene, we want to see what you can create. Submit two photos: one showing the “before” (the unedited photo straight out of the camera) and one of the “after.” Show us what you create!

Submission Requirements

Only digital files of photographs will be accepted and reviewed. You may submit up to two photos for each homework assignment. Please prepare two files (resize to 1024 pixels on the longest side) and name them as "First Name_Last Name_homemade1" and "First Name_Last Name_Homemade2".

For more information on resizing files, see this presentation by member Michael Hanneld.

Files will be projected at the meeting for critique and review. They may also be displayed on the CPG website unless the photographer notes otherwise.

Send your images to cpgpictures@gmail.com