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Homework on Group Photography due today by noon

John & Laney Portrait.jpg

ACT NATURALLY: The Art of Group Photography

At the February meeting, professional photographer Mike Force described group photography as the art of capturing at least two people who share some relationship, without giving a posed appearance.

Great shots take advantage of the setting, lighting, and the connection between the individuals.  As Mike explained, the photographer doesn’t “pose” the scene, but “directs” and “composes” the photo.

The assignment is to take a group photo (two people or more) using Mike’s guidelines.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Only digital files of photographs will be accepted and reviewed. Please prepare two files (resize to 72 dpi with no more than 1024 pixels on the longest side) and rename them as “First Name_Last Name_Group1 (or Group2)”. Files will be projected at the meeting for critique and review. They may also be displayed on the CPG website unless the photographer notes otherwise. Send your images to:

Deadline for Assignment Submissions: Noon, March 14