These are some of Nancy's favorite images:


Nancy's passion is macro photography.


Nancy Kirkpatrick began to discover the joy of photography in 2005 when her husband issued her a challenge she couldn’t resist, saying she certainly had the “eye”, but if she’d only make the effort to learn the technology, she could be awesome. The awesome part was appealing enough to balance out the effort part and the (dreaded) technology part, so out she went, looking for ways to learn about this mysterious black box with a lens. Her first love was flowers, having been a gardener all her life, so those were her initial subjects. Having added portraiture, weddings and events along the way, Nancy decided in 2015 to return to her favorite subject: flowers. She also enjoys photographing historical architecture, cemetery art, travel, and has recently added a new challenge to her repertoire, macro photography. For her own pure artistic delight, Nancy will use her PhotoShop skills to fashion composites from her flower images, adding complimentary textures and ephemera to create intriguing images that capture and hold the attention. Nancy is a member of Jekyll Island Arts Association where she leads hands-on workshops on flower and macro photography.