Enjoy these resources from past presentations at our meetings.


Flower Photography

Want to know the more about creating beautiful photos of flowers, whether using natural light or tools like rings lights and light tents? See this presentation by Nancy Kirkpatrick to get all the details.

Ethics in Photography by Jim Squires.png

Ethics in Photography

Whether you’re photographing strangers on the street or baby birds, this presentation by Jim Squires will help you with what you need to know about ethical photography.

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Travel Photography

Get tips and tricks on travel photography from globetrotter Jim Squires

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Depth of Field

Brush up on depth of field from this tech talk by Richard Knight


Shooting the Night Sky

A quick guide from the presentation by Jillisa Hope Milner

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Resizing Images

Confused by pixel counts and how to resize your images? See this presentation by Michael Hanneld to get up to speed.