Steve's passions range from landscapes, and Nature to Sports and Portraits


Steve was born and raised in Illinois where he began taking photographs as the high school yearbook photographer. It was here that he realized that he enjoyed capturing people, places, events and just about anything he could on film. He built a darkroom in his parents’ basement and processed much of his own work. While going to college, at Southern Illinois University, he worked in a photography studio during semester breaks.

A career in law enforcement took Steve to Washington, D.C. He continued to stay involved with photography and enjoyed capturing images of nature, landscapes, and doing portrait work. He continued to study new methods and trends in the field by taking courses at the local college in Virginia. He also supervised the photography division of his agency, which in addition to crime scene documentation, included photographing dignitary visits to the US Capitol.

In September of 2009, He and his wife Liz retired to the Golden Isles, which they dearly love. He decided that this was the perfect time to pursue his passion full time. He has completed a photography certificate course at the Coastal College of Georgia that spanned several months. He has worked and continues to work with several of the photography studios in the Golden Isles. In addition, he is a President of the Coastal Photographer's Guild, and a member of the Glynn Art Association, McIntosh Art Association, Oak Grove Island Artist Guild and numerous professional photography